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Construction crew fixing sewer pipes in roadway

Shakopee Lateral Sewer Pipe Rehabilitation


The City of Shakopee needed to rehabilitate their lateral sewer pipes to protect investments in new street pavement and boulevard restoration. To do it, they needed to rehabilitate privately owned lateral pipes without passing on expenses to property owners.


The project incorporated an innovative “blindshot” method, which uses robots to shoot ASTM-approved liners into the existing lateral sewer pipes, by entering from manholes. The liner is then cured in place. The “blindshot” method does not require any excavation in the street or on residential property, which adds considerable expense for restoration costs. To reduce expense, a competitive bidding process was developed putting contractors head-to-head, ultimately saving the City money.


  • Honorable Mention | City Engineers Association of Minnesota (CEAM)

Shakopee Lateral Sewer Pipe Rehabilitation

Shakopee, Minn.

City of Shakopee


  • 144 sanitary sewer lateral pipes were rehabilitated in Phase 1 of the program
  • Competitive bidding process
  • First use of blindshot method in the Twin Cities on pipes 25-30 feet in length