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Transforming Challenges into a Community: Vista Run Subdivision


For several decades, a prime but challenging location in the Village of Sussex, Wisconsin, remained undeveloped. The site's floodplain location, navigable stream, high groundwater, bedrock obstacles, two intersections, and grading challenges complicated this proposed housing development.



The Village of Sussex and Neumann Companies partnered with SEH to transform a challenging site into the Vista Run Subdivision, an exciting new community. Despite a series of starts and stops due to the site's complexities, the project team found a breakthrough by addressing grading issues.  

By minimizing the movement of dirt during the initial phase of construction, they significantly cut costs, saving over a million dollars in the first phase alone and turning a project stopper into a key enabler. This success was largely due to the collaboration and shared vision between the community, developers, and home builders.  

The development integrates residential spaces with creeks, a wetland bank, ski hills, parks, and trails. Its proximity to a retail center and a state highway connecting two major interstate highways enhances its appeal and accessibility. 

The local community of Sussex has embraced the project, valuing the introduction of varied living options and the holistic approach to the development. The Vista Run Subdivision is transforming into a safe and vibrant community with diverse housing choices, excellent schools, and parks, making it an attractive place for Sussex residents to call home.


Vista Run Subdivision


Village of Sussex, Wisconsin


Neumann Companies, Inc.

  • Development features creeks, ski hills, parks, and trails
  • Over a million dollars saved in the initial phase
  • Diverse housing types
  • Adjacent to a retail center and two state highways that connect to major interstate highways
  • Civil engineering
  • Survey