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Public Engagement

Community Engagement

Better engagement brings better projects.

At SEH, we believe projects come to life when the community comes out to share their voice.

We understand that successful community engagement plans must represent the needs and desires of the many diverse interest groups and stakeholders within your community. We also recognize that no single technique works for every situation. No single method can build the understanding and support needed to for engagement plans to succeed. Each plan needs to be tailored to the needs of the community it's serving. 

At the core of our approach is transparent, accountable communication. We actively listen, then partner with you to develop a plan with you that identifies the appropriate tools needed for your public outreach.

The following methodologies guide us in designing the public involvement process:

  • Use a variety of techniques, such as workshops, charrettes, interviews, open houses, newsletters, surveys
  • Facilitate informed participation through effective communication tools: plans, perspective sketches, photographs, photo simulations, 3D illustrations and more
  • Create alternatives to find compromise and build support
  • Demonstrate in the plan that we have heard the public’s ideas and concerns
  • Document key decisions throughout the planning process