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Nature Doar, Madison Beltline, Thackeray Trail project photos

SEH Receives Three State 2023 ACEC-WI Engineering Excellence Awards

SEH was recognized with three State Finalist Awards on April 28, 2023, at the American Council of Engineering Companies of Wisconsin (ACEC-WI) Awards Banquet hosted at the American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin.  

The awards were given to the Nature-Doar Recreational Project in New Richmond, IH 39/90 & USH 12/18 (Madison Beltline) Interchange Project in Dane County, and Thackeray Trail Reconstruction Project in Oconomowoc.

Nature Doar project photos

Nature-Doar Recreational Project

The Nature-Doar Recreational Project involved connecting the Nature Center and Doar Prairie Restoration, two natural parks in the City of New Richmond, with a trail.

SEH's design team overcame environmental challenges and a busy highway to create a winning concept that included two underpasses for bike and pedestrian traffic underneath the highway, making the route more ADA-friendly, and minimizing impacts on the environmentally sensitive area.

The new trail provides a vital link to the City's growing trail system, offering visitors a safe and enjoyable experience while protecting the environment.

Learn more about the Nature-Doar Recreational Project.

Madison Beltline project photos

IH 39/90 & USH 12/18 (Madison Beltline) Interchange

SEH, along with Ayres, EMCS, and Oneida Engineering Solutions, make up the Dane Partners joint venture that was recognized with a State Finalist Award for the design of the IH 39/90 & USH 12/18 Interchange Project in Dane County.

The project involved improving safety and capacity at a vital interchange of one of Wisconsin’s busiest interstates used by thousands of drivers daily. 

The team modeled alternative interchange designs to identify safety hot spots and generate construction cost savings of $200 million. They also added a third lane going southbound and adjusted the alignment of the two northbound lanes, significantly enhancing safety and keeping cars moving in both directions.

The new interchange is substantially safer and will accommodate expected future traffic increases, offering users in southwest Wisconsin a safer and quicker travel experience.

Thackeray Trail project photos

Thackeray Trail Reconstruction

SEH and Baxter & Woodman Inc. were recognized with a State Finalist Award for the design and construction of the Thackeray Trail Reconstruction Project in the City of Oconomowoc. Baxter & Woodman was responsible for the project design and SEH was responsible for construction management. 

The project reconstructed the two-lane separated rural roadway to an urban roadway, added traffic calming, and increased pedestrian safety by adding a bump-out crosswalk and sidewalks to both sides of the new roadway.

About SEH

SEH is a multidisciplined professional services company of 800 engineers, architects, planners, and scientists who connect our government, commercial, and industrial clients to the right solutions. With 32 offices in 11 states, SEH focuses on improving mobility, improving infrastructure, engineering clean water, and creating better places. In partnership with our clients, we're Building a Better World for All of Us®. Learn more about What We Do.

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