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SEH Celebrates Our 2022 Act of Excellence Winners

We're excited to share that Camille Hedrington, Colin Anderson and Scott Sannes have been named the SEH Act of Excellence annual award winners for 2022! To further spotlight these individuals and how much they mean to the organization, we asked each a few questions related to their accomplishments.


CamilleHedrington_600x600Selected Annual Winner
Camille Hedrington
Senior Administrative Assistant

What does the word “accomplishment” mean to you?

It means checking a task off my list, knowing I completed it to the best of my ability.

Where is your favorite destination you’ve visited, and why?

I hiked Zion National Park in Utah with my middle son in the summer of 2022. I was in awe of the beautiful magnitude of God’s creation. The company was great, and it was nice to know I could still keep up with a 25-yr-old. Ha!

What is your favorite part about working at SEH?

Most definitely, it’s the people. We work with many talented people who are passionate about their work, serve internal and external clients with excellence, and genuinely want to see you succeed.

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AndersonColin_300x300Selected Annual Winner
Colin Anderson 
Professional Engineer (MN, NE, OH)

What does the word “character” mean to you?

Character is a way to encompass everything that makes you who you are – your personality, morals, beliefs and integrity. Character is what you do when nobody is watching or doing things selflessly without the expectation of recognition.

What is your favorite pastime?

I have a particular affinity for doing DIY projects. I love to keep busy and can always find a project to work on, whether it’s a home improvement project, car repair or a broken appliance. I enjoy taking things apart to understand how they work, so I can fix them and put them back together.

How would you describe the culture at SEH?

I view the culture of SEH as a hockey team. While we may each play a different position and bring different skills to the table; the collaboration allows us to win the game. Everyone here will go above and beyond to help each other out. As Herb Brooks said, “You win with people, not with talent. So, the quality of the people is very important in building your team. I always looked for people with a solid value system. Then I recruited kids from a cross-section of different personalities, talents and styles of play.”  The diversity of people, backgrounds and abilities makes SEH a great place to work!    

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Colin was a key contributor to a cargo hangar airport project. Specifically, he volunteered to be the project’s energy leader in understanding the Minnesota B3 requirements for sustainability to secure project funding from the state. This required weeks of his time researching needs, meeting with stakeholders, and making the building with two hangar doors energy efficient. Colin volunteered to read a building code that the project team had limited experience with to execute critical components on this project. He is also pursuing certification for building commissioning, which will expand our building service capabilities in the future. Colin takes on these initiatives out of intellectual curiosity.


SannesScott_600x600Selected Annual Winner 
Scott Sannes
Director of Strategic Growth

What does the word “innovation” mean to you?

Being innovative means asking, “what problem are we trying to solve here?” It requires that you step back and look at the intended outcome without setting boundaries or limiting thinking to what is known while allowing the mind to explore variations of “what can be.” While I am not Thomas Edison, I was inspired to learn that he didn’t set out to invent the light bulb. He was trying to find a way to stay awake to increase his productivity. He loathed sleep. He thought it was a waste, and to stay awake, he determined that artificial light was the solution. For our application, it took a team of experts at SEH to set out to build an innovative, adaptable and easy-to-use system to help them collectively and collaboratively meet this need. I am incredibly proud of this award! It is a meaningful peer award, and I feel extremely fortunate to work with an incredible, dedicated team of experts.

What would you eat if you had only one meal every day for the rest of your life, and why?

Presuming longevity and a bit of happiness are the goal; I would eat a salad with grilled salmon, a side of potatoes (because I eat them as often as possible) and fresh bread capped off with a good bourbon.

What drew you to SEH initially, and how has SEH changed?

I am an accidental consultant and planned to spend my career in the public sector, where I started as a student worker. But after a 14-year career in state government, I moved back to Duluth, Minnesota, to be closer to family and, in the process, received three offers from different consulting firms. While I didn’t know much about employee ownership, it was not available at the other two firms (and still isn’t), and after 22+ years here, I have never looked back. I love my job and the people I work alongside.

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The SEH Employee Recognition Program Development Committee is an employee-led committee that facilitates the Act of Excellence program. Members of the committee review nominations and select quarterly and annual award winners from each category – Accomplishment, Character and Innovation – with winners receiving a monetary reward.

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