About Us

SEH is an employee-owned engineering, architectural, environmental and planning company that helps government, industrial and commercial clients find answers to complex challenges.

Our 800-plus employee-owners share a core purpose: Building a Better World for All of Us®. This approach reflects a company-wide commitment to improving the quality of life by designing safer, more sustainable infrastructure for government, and helping industrial and commercial clients achieve their business goals.

Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, and with 31 offices in nine states, you'll find evidence of our work throughout the United States.

What design features make a highway safer?

How can a small town provide clean drinking water on a limited budget?

Can a manufacturer get its new products to market quicker and still reduce its carbon footprint?

SEH Core Purpose: Building a Better World for All of Us®



We speak and act with honesty and integrity with one another, our clients and the public.


We treat one another, our clients and the public with respect. We think the best of one another. We value others and their opinions.


Our business is meeting the needs of others. We will meet those needs on schedule and create lasting, sustainable value for our clients.


We take responsibility for our words and actions.


We believe in providing exceptional service and value to our clients. We also believe in the uncommon talents and expertise of our dedicated employee-owners. We know that working together on well-conceived, well-executed opportunities is the key to Building a Better World for All of Us®.

Sam Claassen portrait

Sam Claassen, PE

Chief Executive Officer/President
Sam Claassen serves as our Company's Chief Executive Officer and President, setting and executing the overall tone and direction of the Company, and charting the course for its employee-owners. After a decades-long career as a wastewater engineer, Sam redirected his passion for making the world a better place, and has led the Company through a period of record growth and innovation.

Leadership is having people follow you because they trust you and believe in what you are trying to accomplish together.
James Fraser portrait

James Fraser

Chief Finance Officer
James Fraser leads the SEH Finance and Accounting group. A strong bottom line is the foundation of a successful company. James helps make SEH successful by guiding the Company toward financially responsible decisions. As the administrator of our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), James helps solidify the future for each of our employee owners.

Leadership is demonstrating truth and character in what you do and how you do it.
Jackie Zamorano portrait

Jackie Zamorano

Chief People Officer
Jackie Zamorano makes sure the Company has the best employees and that they stay the best for our clients. Knowing what’s good for SEH employees is good for our clients, and Jackie puts employee engagement as job number one.

Leadership is articulating a clear vision and providing an environment in which people can turn their best ideas for that vision into reality.
Bill Kloster portrait

Bill Kloster

Chief Information Officer
Bill Kloster makes sure that SEH employees have what they need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. In the lightning fast world of technology, Bill accelerates through the turn, providing employees extra traction to build the best world for our clients.

Leadership is about laying the foundation for success that focuses and motivates your team to achieve desired results.
Tracy Ekola portrait

Tracy Ekola, PE

Regional Leader
Tracy Ekola leads the Company's overall growth and operations in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. An ardent proponent of the planet’s greatest resource, she works tirelessly toward a better world by providing clean water solutions.

Leadership is transforming a vision into reality through the passion and abilities of others.
Mark Broses portrait

Mark Broses, PE

Regional Leader
Mark Broses leads the Company's overall growth and operations in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana. He is also dedicated to building a better world outside of his work at SEH. Serving on the Chippewa Falls Chamber of Commerce Board and Rotary District, Mark helps the success of local businesses and also championed a project in Bolivia that brought clean water to 5,000 people.

Leadership is about bringing everyone's strengths together to create something stronger.
John Simmer portrait

John Simmer

Regional Leader
John Simmer leads SEH's growth initiatives and operations in Colorado and Wyoming. John's 35 years of experience as a manager and leader has been split between the public and private sectors, giving him a unique insight into the client's and employee's points of view. This experience helps to cultivate relationships through trust and credibility.

Leadership is the exercising of the trust and credibility you have established with others to influence them to achieve goals.


SEH started as a one-person operation during a time of exceptional growth and change around the country. Since, it has become a nationally recognized Company of more than 800 engineers, architects, planners and scientists. Learn More

Our Subsidiaries

SEH Design Build logo

From the smallest to the largest project, SEH Design|Build, Inc., offers single-source responsibility and on-site supervision for all phases of construction. SEH Design|Build offers the following complete design-build solutions:

  • Water tower maintenance
  • Environmental remediation
  • General construction


Steve Peterson
President, SEH Design|Build

SEH of Indiana logo

SEH of Indiana, LLC, is a team of planners, designers, architects and engineers with the expertise to help you craft tomorrow's waterfront, parks and trails or neighborhood, or develop the critical infrastructure for our cities, roads, bridges and highways. We work closely with both public and private clients to identify and secure the funding necessary to move your projects from an idea to a completed project. Our team provides the professional services to plan, design and build your project. From our Indiana office, we serve our clients throughout Indiana as well as our clients in greater Illinois, the Chicagoland area and Michigan.


Kerry Keith
President, SEH of Indiana

SEH of Michigan logo

SEH of Michigan, LLC, is a subsidiary of SEH dedicated specifically to delivering engineering, environmental, architectural and planning services to our public and private clients throughout the State of Michigan. The work of SEH of Michigan centers on services to help our clients develop quality solutions to address complex challenges. Our team of professionals provides similar services to our parent company, SEH.


Mark Broses, PE
President, SEH of Michigan