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September 8, 2022

SEH Board of Directors Names 22 New Associates for 2022

The SEH Board of Directors has named 22 new Associates – Andy Arnold, Keri Aufdencamp, Rebecca Beduhn, Jason Chopp, Ariel Christenson, Brian Depies, Sara Christenson, Marcia Gerring, Heidi Kennedy, Matt Massa, Tim Nuetzel, Turner Perrow, Kore Peterson, Dan Schaefer, Matt Schaible, David Schofield, Chris Sigit-Sidharta, Patti Stickney, Mike Van Gilder, Jeremy Walgrave, Fasil Yitbarek and Kevin Young.

Being 100% employee-owned means SEH's success is invested back into our people, creating a unique commitment to accountability and top-quality work. The SEH Associate program is one example of these investments, with the intent being to recognize and reward individuals for sustained, high levels of performance in the areas of business leadership, technical expertise, project management, client service and business development.

After careful evaluation, the SEH Board of Directors has approved 22 new Associates in 2022. Congratulations to this year’s class! Get to know our new Associates below.

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Andy Arnold

Andy Arnold, AICP
Planner | Land Development

Andy is a city and regional planner who works with public and private clients throughout the U.S. His primary focus is development feasibility, helping clients evaluate projects based on economic, physical and political factors. With SEH and in the industry since 2018, he’s dedicated to promoting, supporting and guiding development to achieve significant community benefits. Andy’s area of expertise is public-private partnerships, especially those that leverage tax increment financing and grant funding. He assists private developers and municipalities with structuring project financing, closing funding gaps, navigating entitlement, and advancing designs that achieve profitability and public interests.

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Keri Aufdencamp

Keri Aufdencamp, CPESC
Senior Scientist | Environmental Engineers and Scientists

Keri is a senior project scientist with over 20 years of experience. Prior to joining SEH in 2019, she worked for the Minnesota Department of Transportation and a national contractor. Keri's unique background allows her to view environmental issues from multiple points of view (owner, contractor, and consultant) and provide a proactive, collaborative approach to achieve regulatory closure with minimal impacts to schedule and budget.

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Rebecca Beduhn

Rebecca Beduhn, PWS, CPSS, CMWP
Senior Scientist | Natural Resource Scientists

Rebecca joined SEH in 2012 and has predominantly worked on wetland services for practices across the company, supporting a wide array of projects across the Upper Midwest. Rebecca’s areas of expertise include site-specific soil maps, collecting and interpreting hydrology field data, habitat functional assessments, species inventories, NEPA compliance and GIS utilization. She is one of the co-founders of the SEH Young Professionals Employee Resource Group and serves as vice president/president elect for the Minnesota Wetlands Professional Association.

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Jason Chopp

Jason Chopp, PE*
Senior Engineer | Civil Engineering

Jason is a senior engineer, project manager and client service manager. In the industry for nearly 20 years and with SEH since 2015, his experience and expertise include project planning, design and construction-related services for a wide variety of projects. Jason has delivered infrastructure improvement projects throughout the Midwest ranging in value from $50,000 to $43 million.

*Registered Professional Engineer in IN, MN, OH

Ariel Christenson

Ariel Christenson, PE*
Senior Engineer | Structural Engineering

Ariel is a senior engineer and project manager with 10+ years of design experience. She joined SEH in 2016 and specializes in structural engineering for concrete liquid retaining structures like water and wastewater treatment facilities. Ariel sees each project through planning, agency review, design, bidding, and the construction and closeout phases. She cares deeply about mentorship and revamped the SEH intern program during the heart of the pandemic. Ariel is the president elect for the American Society of Civil Engineers – Minnesota Section. In 2021, Ariel was named Young Engineer of the Year.

*Registered Professional Engineer in IN, MN, NC, VA, WI

Sara Christenson

Sara Christenson, PE*
Senior Engineer | Civil Engineering

Sara is a senior civil engineer, client service manager and project manager with 10+ years of experience in municipal street and utility design. Joining SEH in 2013, she currently manages, designs and inspects various aspects of new construction and the rehabilitation of infrastructure for private and municipal projects. Notably, Sara served as project manager and led civil sitework development for three new Grand Rapids area elementary schools that opened in fall 2020. Her efforts on these projects were spotlighted by the University of Minnesota-Duluth: The Paved Road to Success.

*Registered Professional Engineer in MN

Brian Depies

Brian Depies
Client Service Manager | Sales

Brian is a dedicated client service manager with nearly 30 years of experience in land use planning, zoning code administration and development in the public and private sectors. He has been with SEH since 2010 and specializes in regional, county and local planning as well as code administration for public sector clients. In the private sector, Brian focuses on land development – first gaining full understanding of client needs then collaborating with the right stakeholders to bring projects to fruition.

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Marcia Gerring

Marcia Gerring, CPA
Financial Analyst Manager | Finance and Accounting

Marcia joined SEH 2021 and serves as the company’s financial analyst manager, bringing invaluable leadership in the areas of management reporting, budgeting and forecasting, and financial analysis. She partners with the CFO to analyze business trends, evaluate operational metrics and problem solve. Marcia has nearly two decades of finance, corporate accounting, auditing and team management experience. She is also a troop leader for Girls Scouts River Valleys, leading and mentoring girls as they explore ways to give back to their communities.

Heidi Kennedy

Heidi Kennedy
Senior Scientist | Natural Resource Scientists

Heidi is a senior natural resources specialist who joined SEH in 2015 and has been in the field for over two decades. She is highly skilled in the areas of wetlands, waterways, environmental policy and permitting, and has extensive experience working with federal, state and local agencies on natural resources issues. Prior to joining SEH, Heidi spent nearly 15 years with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as a policy coordinator and, uniquely, earned her Juris Doctor degree from Marquette University Law School.

Matt Massa

Matt Massa, PE*
Senior Engineer | Architecture

Matt is a senior mechanical engineer and project manager who started and supervises SEH’s mechanical and electrical team in Colorado and Wyoming. He joined SEH in 2019 and has 14 years of experience in various industries. Matt and his team currently support SEH’s architecture practice in the areas of commercial and multi-family residential designs. Matt often manages projects for federal clients and leads site investigations for facility condition assessments.

*Registered Professional Engineer in AZ, CA, CO, FL, MT, NM, NV, NY, UT, WY

Tim Neutzel

Tim Nuetzel, PE*, ENV SP, LEED AP®
Senior Engineer | Civil Engineering

Tim is a senior engineer and project manager who specializes in roadway, water and wastewater system design, storm drainage and site designs. Joining SEH in 2011 and in the field since 1999, Tim takes pride in providing detailed designs that minimize field questions and adjustments. His expertise also includes utility coordination, trail design, hydraulic design and site improvements.

*Registered Professional Engineer in CO

Turner Perrow

Turner Perrow Jr., PE*
Senior Project Manager | Wastewater Engineering

Turner is a senior project manager and senior engineer with 26+ years of experience leading municipal projects – including water and wastewater treatment facilities, water distribution, wastewater collection systems, SCADA system assessments and audits, electrical upgrades, GIS support and implementation, and master plans. Turner is an advocate for civil service; he is a former elected local government official (12 years) and is currently a board member for the Amherst County Service Authority in Virginia, gaining valuable experience in public policy and municipal finance – each of which support the efforts of SEH clients.

*Registered Professional Engineer in MN, NC, VA

Kore Peterson

Kore Peterson
Senior Oracle Applications DBA | Information Technology

Kore is a senior oracle application database administration (DBA) with 20+ years of IT and computer programming experience. He has a unique and highly specialized skillset that spans server operating systems, databases environments and Oracle applications. Kore joined SEH in 2001 and has managed several back-office systems critical to SEH’s success – including Deltek Advantage, SEH’s Corporate Intranet (ColdFusion) and Oracle eBusiness Suite Release 11 and Release 12. Kore has also orchestrated multiple critical patches, system upgrades and production problem resolutions to maintain high levels of system availability, security and performance.

Dan Schaefer

Dan Schaefer, PE*
Senior Engineer | Wastewater Engineering

Dan joined SEH in 2014 after 10 years with a global engineering firm. Since joining SEH, he has served as supervisor, project manager, office manager and client service manager. In the industry since 2005, Dan has gained experience in many facets of wastewater treatment design for public, private and federal clients. He is a licensed wastewater operator, helping operators optimize treatment processes for municipal and industrial clients. Dedicated to fostering collaboration across SEH, Dan is currently working to implement a design model for water and wastewater pumping and treatment projects.

*Registered Professional Engineer in CO, NC, WI

Matt Schaible

Matt Schaible, PE*
Senior Engineer | Civil Engineering

Matt is a senior engineer, project manager and office manager for SEH's office in Bismarck, North Dakota. Joining SEH in 2013, Matt has spent the last six years serving as the civil engineering team lead for all North Dakota Department of Transportation projects in construction engineering and more recently in preliminary and final design. Matt also serves as a city engineer and park board engineer for municipalities across North Dakota, leading multidisciplinary teams in planning, design and construction.

*Registered Professional Engineer in ND

David Schofield

David Schofield, PE*
Senior Engineer | Civil Engineering

David is a senior civil engineer and project manager with two decades of municipal engineering and stormwater management experience. Joining SEH in 2018, his municipal experience includes utility design for water mains, sanitary sewers, storm sewer and transportation design for roadways, sidewalks and trails. David’s stormwater management experience includes storm sewers, open channels, stormwater ponds, low-impact design, bio-infiltration basins and porous pavement.

*Registered Professional Engineer in IA, IL, MN, WI

Chris Sigit-Sidharta

Chris Sigit-Sidharta, AIA, LEED AP® BD+C, GGP
Senior Architect | Architecture

Chris is a senior architect with 15 years of experience in architectural design. Joining SEH in 2011, he specializes in the design of commercial, hospitality, multi-family, federal and municipal facilities (e.g., fire stations, public works). His experience and expertise also include architectural visualization, sustainability, contract document implementation, leading bidding procedures, and construction administration for new and renovated buildings.

Patti Stickney

Patti Stickney
Senior Scientist | Environmental Engineers and Scientists

Patti is a senior environmental scientist with 30 years of experience leading industrial air quality permitting and compliance, dispersion modeling, pollution prevention, plant-wide emissions inventories and regulatory compliance audits. Joining SEH in 2015, Patti has led projects within a number of manufacturing sectors under more than 20 different state regulatory programs.

Mike Van Gilder

Mike Van Gilder, PE*, CPESC, CPSWQ
Senior Engineer | Civil Engineering

Mike is a senior civil engineer, project manager, client service manager and the office manager for SEH’s office in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. He joined SEH 2013 and has 33 years of civil engineering design and construction experience, bringing expertise in municipal engineering, site development, erosion control, system modeling and stormwater management. Over the course of his career, Mike has developed the ability to successfully lead a wide variety of projects. He has worked with numerous public and private clients throughout Northwest Wisconsin and the broader Midwest.

*Registered Professional Engineer in MN, WI

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Jeremy Walgrave

Jeremy Walgrave, PE*, CFM
Senior Engineer | Water Resources Engineering

Jeremy is a project manager and senior water resources engineer with more than two decades of experience in coastal engineering, dam engineering, stormwater conveyance systems, hydraulics for streams and rivers, and regulatory compliance. With SEH since 2007, his project expertise and experience include the preparation of detailed plans and specifications, conducting risk and environmental assessments, completing hydraulic letters and leading environmental permitting.
*Registered Professional Engineer in IA, MN, MO, OK, SD, TX
Fasil Yitbarek

Fasil Yitbarek, PE*
Senior Engineer | Wastewater Engineering

Fasil is a project manager and senior engineer who cares deeply about protecting and nurturing the environment. He regularly designs, manages construction, and assists in the commissioning of water and wastewater treatment plants across the Midwest. With 13+ years in the industry and with SEH since 2017, his water and wastewater experience includes designing new and rehabilitation projects, modeling hydraulic systems, preparing construction drawings and specifications, bid assistance, resident engineering, construction management and inspection services.

*Registered Professional Engineer in IA, MD, MN

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Kevin Young

Kevin Young, PE*
Senior Engineer | Water Engineering

Kevin is a senior water engineer and project manager with 11 years of experience in ozone disinfection, biological filtration, chlorination and high-service pumping. Prior to joining SEH in 2016, he held multiple positions that support his water treatment efforts – including serving as a water treatment plant operator, engineer and supervisor over a 10 million GPD lime softening facility for the Moorhead Public Service in Minnesota. Kevin is passionate about the environment and our responsibility to provide clean water to everyone.

*Registered Professional Engineer in MN, VA

Interested in learning more about the SEH Associate program, the benefits of employee-ownership and exploring opportunities that empower you to shape your career path? Watch the related videos on the SEH Careers page and check out our open roles today!