Airport Engineering and Construction

Engineering sustainable, operations-friendly airports.

At SEH, we have airport engineering and construction experience on most types of aviation projects at more than 100 general aviation, reliever and commercial service airports across the country.

As aviation specialists, we are intimately familiar with the FAA project documentation and standard requirements for the design and construction of airport projects. Our aviation team works exclusively on airports, so we always include aviation safety and construction phasing considerations in our designs to ensure seamless airfield construction projects. In addition, we routinely provide design and construction services for projects that occur outside the aircraft operation areas, such as municipal utilities and automobile parking and access areas. We're committed to sustainable design solutions and we understand how our actions intersect with our environment — locally, regionally and globally. We include sustainability best management practices in our airport design and construction projects to safeguard the environment, conserve energy and resources, minimize waste, and limit impacts to the surrounding environment.

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